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Virtual Conferences

Journal of the research Publishing house LLC announces virtual conferences in all major academic disciplines; namely, Social Sciences, Management Sciences, Natural and Applied Sciences, and Science and Technology. Our vision is to provide a platform for collaboration among academicians and researchers across the globe. Prospective authors are required to submit a full paper by 31st May 2020. If the paper is accepted after peer review, authors will be asked to submit a PPT presentation outlining the major themes of the paper.

American Virtual Conferences on Social Sciences, Education, Law, Management Sciences, Economics,

Natural, Applied Sciences, Engineering, and Technology.

For this conference we accept manuscripts in the following areas:

Anthropology, Applied Linguistics, Cultural Studies, Ethnicity and Racism Studies, Educational Studies, Gender Studies, Geography, Interdisciplinary Social Sciences, Labour Studies, Law, Media Studies, Religious Studies, Psychology, Political Science, Social Work, Sociology, History, Philosophy, Library Studies, Museum Studies and all other areas related to Social Sciences.

Teaching and Learning, Learning Theories and Teaching Methodologies, Educational Psychology, Philosophy of Education, Sociology of Education, Special Education, Literacy, Primary, Secondary and Higher Education, Educational Management, Leadership and Management, Educational Research, Curriculum and Instruction, Educational Change, Teacher Education, Pre-service and In-service Teacher Education, Teaching Practice and Internship, Professional Development of Teachers, Teacher Educator, and Trainer Trainers, Distance Education, Teacher Education through Distance Education, Virtual Education, Investment in Education and ant other areas related to Educational Studies.

Law and Legal Research, Jurisprudence, Muslim Law, Civil Law, Criminal Law, Banking Law, International law, Environmental Laws, Taxation Laws, Labour Law, Property Law and Intellectual property Law, Criminology, Justice, Trial and Prosecution, Prisoners, Immigration Law, Ethical Issues, Moral Issues, Moral Values, History of Ethics and Morality, Lawyers and Lawyers’ Lives, Clients, Legal Systems and Structure, Interpretation of Law and all other areas related to Law, Ethics and Morality.

Human Resource Management, Business Management, Financial Management, Organizational Behaviour, Strategic Management, Public Sector Management, Research & Development, Organizational Management, International Management, Project Management, Industrial Management, Marketing Management, Management Theories and Practices, Management Relations, Managers and Lives of Managers, Human, Capital and Resource Management, E-Business, E-Commerce, Entrepreneurship, Financial Management, Marketing, Online Business Management and other areas related to Management Sciences.

Accounting and Finance, Micro and Macro Economics, Development Studies, Micro-Finance, E-Business, E-Commerce, Entrepreneurship, Financial Management, Marketing, Business Economics, Research & Development, International Development, Economic Issues of Developing and Developed Countries, Policy Studies, Poverty Alleviation, NGOs and Poverty Alleviation, Banking and Finance, Innovations in Business, Investment, Public and Private Sector Investment, Online Business and other areas related to Economics and Business.

Artificial Intelligence, Astronomy, Biology, Zoology, Ecology, Botany, Chemistry, Earth science, Marine Science, Physics, Space sciences, Life sciences, Agriculture, Environmental technology, Fisheries science, Poultry science, Forestry Science, Plant Breeding, Plant Biotechnology, Animal Breeding & Genetics, Applied Mathematics, Computer sciences, Logic, Mathematics, Architecture and design, Statistics, Systems science, Applied Physics, Health Science, Artificial intelligence, Ceramic engineering, Computing technology, Electronics, Energy, Energy storage, Environmental Engineering Science, Engineering Physics, Materials science and engineering, Microtechnology, Nanotechnology, Nuclear technology, Optics, Zoography, Military sciences, Naval Science, Transportation, and other sciences.

How to Submit Papers

Prospective authors can download our Conference Paper Template and submit their papers in MS Word files as an attachment to

Please mention the conference title in your email. Once the paper is accepted after peer review, authors will also need to submit a PowerPoint presentation of their papers.


Deadline to submit manuscripts: 31st May 2020

Conference Proceedings

Proceedings of each conference will be published online on our website and assigned DOI.

Presentation Certificates

As all the conferences are virtual and presented on our website, the physical participation of presenters is not required. A conference presentation certificate will be emailed to the authors.

Contact us

Contact us for any queries at this link or send an email to